Monday, July 4, 2011

Regarding Yoko

Hey, I know where we are!  I know where we are!
A reader wanted more Yoko reaction. Here it is. On the last day of the journey, about twenty miles out from the Bigfork home, she knew we were close and stood to look out the window. Here she is when she first raised herself to take a look. Notice the mountain in the rear view mirror. We are leaving Columbia Falls and heading to Bigfork. Sadly, when we got to the house, her buddy dog was gone. He recently (two weeks ago) died tragically after being a free spirit on the property for five years. It seems he ate a small animal that had died of poisoning, so therefore, he was poisoned, too. But signs of Sammy are still all around the house and on the back porch. Yoko is looking for him here. . .
Where's my buddy?  I can smell him.
And then, finally, she went to sleep and slept and slept. It's exhausting processing so many changes. I know how she feels.
I'll think about it tomorrow
Yoko is not the only one who will miss Sammy. His almost-twelve-year-old mistress can hardly remember a day without him, he was her constant jumping shadow. So hope you are having fun in doggie heaven Sammy. You sure displayed a lot of enthusiasm for life while you were with us. Thank you for the lesson.RIP, little buddy.
Sammy a few days before he left for dog heaven

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