Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cape fishermen rescued after boat sinks |

I'm back on Cape Cod, to be with this side of the family tree for awhile. Jim is here, happily working on multi-projects. Success is on the horizon, and soon I will be able to detail some of that work he is doing... in the meantime-

Since arriving on October 15, I've been thoroughly reacquainted with nor-easter's; we've had three big blows in the past two weeks. Last night's was very impressive, the house in Eastham shook with wind all night, which was blasting us directly across the Atlantic from the north east at a sustained 30 mph. Like someone out there turned on a huge fan. No breaks. It was raining in sheets (what else?). Our fireplace doors had to be locked closed so they wouldn't keep blowing open. All this while the Phillie's were winning their first game in the Bronx.

Amazingly, as the first pitch was thrown for the World Series, there were two Wellfleet men bobbing around out in Cape Cod Bay, hoping to be rescued. Their fishing boat had sunk at around four o'clock in the afternoon, and they'd been in the waves for hours. The amazing story ends well, see the linked story below. Wellfleet is breathing a huge collective sigh of relief. There have already been three funerals here this past week- traffic, illness and heart attack. We didn't need the loss of two fishermen to make it five.

If you are out on the water, do it right, like these guys did. Survival suits mean just that. Survival.

Cape fishermen rescued after boat sinks

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