Thursday, February 26, 2009

Getting around the county and the country

Weeell, since I've last written, I've used up quite a bit of fossil fuels. I flew to Cape Cod to visit and be introduced to my new 2-year old granddaughter, newly fetched from Kazakhstan and adopted into her new family. She makes quite the compliment to her very energetic almost five year old brother. I also had the great experience of staying with one of my sisters for the almost two week visit. I haven't spent so much time with her since she lived with me her senior year of high school, and snuck my motorcycle out of the barn for joy rides. I only found out by keeping track of the odometer, and she finally fessed up, all those years ago. But the places she went!

Her golden haired daughter is almost a clone, and where did I put those pictures so I can prove it? I've moved so many times in the past ten years that I have large crates of pics in my basement, just waiting to be taken out and scanned or whatever I am going to do with them.

So, now I'm back at my desk in Montana. It has snowed eight inches today. My husband left yesterday to DRIVE to Cape Cod for a several month project he'll need wheels for. I am feeling very wierd.

It's one thing when he leaves for a few days or even a few weeks, but when he leaves for a few months, that's another. So, I'll have to go visit him. More fossil fuels. It is a fact that I have one foot firmly grounded in Montana, and the other still holding strong in Massachusetts. I'm thinking of that Twister game we used to play in the seventies and eighties, where we got all stretched out trying to put hands and feet on impossibly distant dots, and then we had to wrap around another person's frame to reach the goal. With all this cold weather, I want to add Florida into the mix. Now there's a real tripod.

But I am here in Bigfork for now in the fluff of February snow. Before he left, Jim and I took Yoko down to the lake where he trout fishes every now and then in warmer weather. So totally different now, with the ice frozen solid and the snow mobile roads across the ice. Montana is a land of extremes. The changing realities we live in- amazing. In four months, it will be sunlight till 10 PM, and about 100 degrees F. at 5 PM.

It took Jim two days of driving through snow and over the high mountain passes of the Continental Divide, but he is now in South Dakota. And heading east. If you see a mountain goat of a white Subaru Outback drive by, that's him. I'll catch up sometime.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Guess this sport

As a Cape Codder who has seen horses used for barrel racing and hay rides, this sport was really thrilling. And, who knew, horses can run like crazy in the snow. The skiiers loved the 35 mile per hour speed. Hey, who can guess the name of this Montana winter sport?