Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Wellfleet Oyster Fest 2011

Well, I've come all the way around the sun again.  You can look back on my blog here by clicking on the left side and see my comparison of a Montana fest I posted on October 19 in 2008 (the Testicle Festival (i.e.  Rocky Mountain Oysters)  to the Oysterfest here in Wellfleet. Very cooperative weather, though a bit windy.

It's 2011, and I had the great privilege of reading my novel in the church that was one of the major settings for the characters.  The Wellfleet Methodist Church. . . thank you, you are one of the prettiest churches of Cape Cod, and built by a great Wellfleet Methodist, Lorenzo Dow Baker, in the 1890's, after the original church burnt to the ground.

The audience cared about the way it was in Wellfleet in the 1880's, and we could hear the roar of the crowd behind Wellfleet Town Hall as this year's contestants engaged in the great oyster opening contest. So, we were simultaneously in the 1880's and in 2011. Super cool.

Eva and Henry came to life as I read about them. I hope they think I did them justice. They've been gone for generations.  It was a great thrill to read to an appreciative audience right here in Wellfleet.  Thank you, all!

By the way, those two illuminated windows. . . designed and executed by Claire Leighton, the woman well-known for her etchings of Cape Cod scenes. There are two more on either side of the grand organ which is located behind the alter. You must stop some Sunday and take in a Wellfleet Methodist Church service.  The new Reverend is from Peru, and he rocks!