Monday, April 5, 2010

April, Cape Cod

I am here awaiting a medical appointment in Boston. Serious stuff. So, I distract myself with the big wide world around me. I am appreciative of the fact that I am temporarily living (aren't we all?) in a house that is just about a mile from where Henry Beston's Outermost House was. In other words, I am just about as far east as you can get on Cape Cod, and look right out there over the Eastham Nauset beach.

I see the weather coming in off the ocean before the rest of Cape Cod gets it. A fog bank just hovered out there on Saturday, threatening to come in and blanket us away from our sunshine. Big puffs of fog broke off every now and then and floated down the cove, temporarily obscuring the small boats that have begun to putter back and forth.

The fog was cold; it reached out and touched skin to make goosebumps. And then the sun would melt it as if it was some bothersome cotton candy, and it was sunburn weather again. Just Mother Nature, being herself. She can deal out the good cards with the bad, and vice versa.

I scared a rabbit who was having her babies out on the lawn under a bush. She took off running, strewing babies behind her across the lawn. I picked them up with a plastic sandwich bag, so my scent wouldn't cause her to reject them even further, and I put them into the nest from where she had run. I wonder if she'll go back and take care of them. Maybe.

It was in just that one second, when I walked past her hiding place, that changed everything. That's how quick it was.