Friday, July 29, 2011

Packing my Cape Cod books

Well, when we came out in 2007, we brought EVERYTHING.  And, now, we have joined Freecycle, and we are giving things away. Costumes. Hundreds of books. Clothing. Kitchen stuff. Dog cages. Red wig. Board games. Artwork. But we are setting our sights back on that home peninsula of Cape Cod. Because I cannot shake the sand out of my shoes.

And what am I bringing back to Cape Cod?  Cape Cod books. My goodness, I have so many here. I have at least 80 vintage Cape Cod books here that I find I cannot part with. Anyone ever hear of Truro Cape Cod or Land Marks and Sea Marks by Shebnah Rich? Of course you have, because it's been reprinted. How about Cape Cod Folks copyrighted in 1881, authored by Sally Pratt McLean. Of course, I have several of Edgar Rowe Snow's tomes, and then. . . the amazing Our Heritage by Nancy W. Paine Smith, copyright 1930. The Cape Cod Pilot (A WPA Guide. . . do you know what WPA means?  Do not complain about socialism to me. . . ) my Pilot is a newer version with a forward by Edward Gorey. . . a Northeast University reprint, 1985. INDISPENSABLE if you want to know about the folks and towns of Cape Cod in the early 1900's. Sand in their Shoes, A Cape Cod Reader, Edith and Frank Shay. . . Cape Cod, Its People and Their History by Henry C. Kittredge. All books so important to me that I will now rent a U-Haul and drive them cross country again. Or maybe, I send them book rate through the US Mail.  Is there any such thing anymore?  Anyone?

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