Saturday, June 25, 2011

On the road again.

So where the heck have I been!  There has been silence on the blog since last August. I had to leave Montana and fly east for my BIG OPERATION, and no, it was not a face lift. I have a new leg and I can walk and maybe even run soon. My amputation was performed in Indianapolis, IN on October 26 with Dr. Jan Ertl, whom I sought out because of his skill level. This was a necessary operation, I had mangled my foot at 25, and was limping along for thirty years. . . till nothing could be done for the pain, and I was contemplating life in a wheel chair!  But . . . I can now walk without a limp.  I came back to Cape Cod to recover, and thank you daughter Jamie for flying to Indy to be with me and Jim through the days in the hospital.  And on Cape Cod, a surprise. My sister Evelyn came to visit me on her way to Europe, and never left me, helped me all through the winter here on Cape Cod (Jim helped, too, but he did have to work all day, of course. . . and I never could have made it without Ev's help). . . I had all my sisters nearby, and my Son and his wife and fabulous kids, and my nieces and nephews. . . so I have healed on Cape Cod, and am hitting the road TOMORROW to drive myself and Yoko back to the Montana woods that we love. Road trip. . . I love road trips! Watch for the America you've never seen right here.  Oh, I didn't mention the dozens of good friends that cheered me along. . . I am so blessed. Friends and family galore.


Anonymous said...

Drive safely and enjoy you pass by or through!

bnow said...

Bon voyage, dear Irene.
Things I enjoy about road trips:

~singing out loud while driving, with or without musical accompaniment
~stopping at a roadside diner and eating eggs and buttered toast — no matter what time of day or night
~the sweet anticipation of arriving at my destination

Blow a kiss to my beloved New Mexico for me, when you get to those parts.

Have a great trip and stay safe.
xoxo Linda

Sierra Ferrari said...

This is not relevant to the blog but I wanted to say that as a child I loved to listen to your story of Maris and Sam. A friend just got me a copy of the tape (I had worn my out listening as a child) and even now as an adult I love to listen to it and still can talk right along with you in the tape. I just wanted to say thank you for many hours of enjoyment both as a child and adult. you are a wonderful story teller.
Thank you!