Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Day Three, Tuesday

product stalled on I90, Erie, PA. . . stand still for an hour due to construction.
America runs on trucks, not  dunkin'
The I90 welcome center in Pennsylvania, vineyards and Lake Erie in the distance
Meanwhile, back on Cape Cod, Stella in her new hat

Yoko wishing she could be a duck before leaving lake

Tuesday. . . 9:53 PM   Milan, Ohio, exit 118, Super 8 motel which allows dogs. Have to drag luggage and stuff in down the halls. Tired.
The last few hours were kind of stressful, driving around Cleveland, Ohio. Trucks trucks trucks (I mean tractor trailers) running whenever they can at about 75 mph. . . . it gets hairy in the narrow construction lanes. Backing up from that circum-navigation around Cleveland, I sat on the road for 45 minutes in Erie, PA, waiting for construction. One lane highway. We sat and sat.Great big trucks up and down the highway releasing their air brakes as they sat.

Let me go back, back to the New York city of Canandaigua . . that was nice. Very nice. Glad I had the detour. I think I will take another detour soon. The Interstate does get tedious. Indeed. And all those towns just off the exit. I see the back ends of farms, and figure out how far the farmer has to drive on back roads to get to the next exit, if he even wants to. The cows see me, but I cannot pat the cows.
Passing from New York on I90 into Pennsylvania. . . there were dairy farms and vineyards on the sides of the highway, so the first few hours on the road after picking up my fixed Highlander (new contact points for starter, $300+) from the Toyota dealership. . . were nice. And very windy!  The clouds scudded overhead so quickly that I was happy not to be in an airplane. . . the radio said 45 mph winds with gusts to 55, and you know, I was glad to be in a heavy Highlander, rather than an apple car that gets 40 mph. I stayed between the lines pretty good.  Both hands on the wheel. Thank you, Blue Ant, hands-free driving device, I can talk safely on the phone. I talked to three people on the phone today. That is not many for me. . . But one person, Jim, I talked to several times. Short times.
So the tall trees on the side of the road were leaning over in the wind, every now and then a branch would go flying across the highway. The trucks never slowed down, so I didn’t either.  Right now, Jim just sent me a picture of what I’m missing, seeing niece Stella a pix of Stella wearing the hat we got her for her birthday. Life goes on!
So, Montana-bound. It will be very nice to see my Montana people, so that’s the carrot.  I am just ten miles from a great lake tonight, I can zoom down the road to vacationland, or I can keep going. I’ll decide tomorrow. Right now I have to go out to the car to get my dog’s pills. I have to take her with me because she is not allowed to sleep in the room by herself. That’s the dog policy, “no exceptions.” So, pictures posted, I did like the first half of the day. I did not like the second half of the day.  Amen.

PS-  When I took the dog out for her last constitutional of the day, the field next door was full of fireflies. . . and the air coming off the Great Lakes was a warm wind. Very nice evening.

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Jim Wolf said...

Those fireflies sound nice. I was watching them too, in Eastham. Mixed in with mosquitoes.
love Jim